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Izaxon™ announces the Izaxon™ Home suite

The Izaxon™ Home suite, announced today, is a collection of smart home applications. Features such as home automation, security, power consumption, temperature information, home presence information, personal information management and photos are all parts of Izaxon™ Home.


Central to the product is that it runs on a personal computer (i.e., Windows based PC), dedicated as a home server. The household needs a broadband (always online) connection to the Internet to take full advantage of Izaxon™ Home. Both of these requirements are needed to get the most out of the suite. The PC is a universal machine which is very powerful as a home server and the connection to the Internet is required to utilize all of the latest technologies in home automation and mobile Internet.


The Izaxon™ Home suite is for families who want the best in smart housing. The solution is powerful, customizable and extensible. Information and applications are private to the family since no service provider is involved in their use.

Hardware support ranges from low-end X10 ( to high-end EIB (European Installation Bus,


The following applications scheduled to be included in version 1.0 of Izaxon™ Home:

  • Izaxon MailCheck – notifies when new emails have arrived to any of the family members
  • Izaxon HomeCam – utilizes motion detection technology to take photos, “see the intruder in action”
  • Izaxon Power Consumption Service – actively measures, stores and calculates your home power consumption
  • Izaxon Temperature Acquisition Service – measures and stores home temperature 24 hours around the clock
  • Izaxon Home Security Service – intelligent burglar alarm securing the home
  • Izaxon Presence - lets you stay in touch with friends and family by letting them know if you are at home or not
  • Izaxon X10 Service – X10 gateway used by home automation applications, either local or remote
  • Izaxon EIB Service – EIB (European Installation Bus) gateway used by home automation applications, either local or remote


Any combination of the above applications can be customized according to specific customer needs.


Please contact us at for more information or at if you are already interested in a smarter home.

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IzaxonTM develops and sells software products within two main areas: news assistants and smart living. IzaxonTM NextPhase is your personal assistant which automatically collects news for you to one location. IzaxonTM Home is the complete product suite which makes living simpler and more secure.

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