Infolet News
Your personal information assistant.

Izaxon Pocket Assistant
Your Pocket PC voice annotation assistant.
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Izaxon NextPhase Wizard
Create your own information sources.

Izaxon Home
A complete product suite for a smarter living.

Izaxon CallerID
Stores phone calls and displays who has called.

Izaxon NextPhase Emailer
The Izaxon NextPhase newsletter email server.

Izaxon Scheduler
Resource booking and management.

Izaxon Extranet
Share documents and files easily at your web site.

Izaxon Presence
Your location keeper. Are your buddies at home or not?
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Izaxon X10 Service
The X10 gateway for use by home automation applications.

Izaxon EIB Service
The EIB (European Installation Bus) gateway for use by home automation applications.


Product Details

  Izaxon CallerID  Beta

Izaxon CallerID listens for incoming phone calls and detects them using caller id. Detected calls are stored and calling persons can later be displayed.


  • Remote access
    Remote access to calls from your PDA, cellular phone or web browser.
  • Web browser support
    Call listings available over the internet.
  • Cellular phone and PDA support
    Call listings available from mobile devices.
  • Automatic phone number to name mapping
    Identifies calls to show callee name instead of phone number.