Infolet News
Infolet News (replaces Izaxon NextPhase)
Version: 1.7
License type: Try or buy
Size: 29,179,570 bytes
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Izaxon CallerID
Stores phone calls and displays who has called your home.
Version: 2.0 beta
License type: Beta
Size: 15,355,242 bytes
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Izaxon NextPhase Wizard
Information source generator for Izaxon NextPhase.
Version: 1.0.9
License type: Free
Size: 654,336 bytes
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Izaxon Pocket Assistant
Your Pocket PC voice annotation assistant.
Version: 1.5
License type: Try or buy
Size: 54,638 bytes
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Izaxon Presence
Are your buddies at home or not?
Version: 1.1
License type: Free to try, $19.95 to buy
Size: 9,020,144 bytes
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Izaxon Scheduler
Resource booking and management.
Version: 1.0
License type: Try or buy
Size: 3,682,943 bytes
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Izaxon X10 Service
The X10 gateway for use by home automation applications.
Version: 1.0 beta
License type: Beta
Size: 3,703,129 bytes
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4/9/2003 Artificial Intelligence - ZDNet
3/24/2003 Pentagon News
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3/19/2003 Iraq News
3/13/2003 Reuters Science News
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